Pornography: A Thriller
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about the film

Director David KittredgeSet in the world of gay adult entertainment, Pornography: A Thriller weaves together three different but curiously related stories centering on the mysterious disappearance of quintessential “boy-next-door” porn star Mark Anton.

new york city, 1995

The three-part tale begins in New York City, 1995. Former adult film actor and photography student Mark Anton is tracked down by his devious manager, Billy, and is offered a proposition: forty thousand dollars for one on-camera interview with a “fan”. Eerie events unfold as Mark ponders the proposal, then plots to edge Billy out of the deal. A botched robbery leaves Billy dead. Mark finds his way to the interview, which quickly escalates an already horrifying situation into a full-fledged nightmare.

new york city, present day

Pornography: A ThrillerThe second tale is set a decade and a half later in present day New York City. Michael, an intense writer, and his gym toned boyfriend, William, move into a large, sunny, seemingly idyllic apartment in Brooklyn. Michael is busily researching a definitive book on pornography when he begins to receive strange photographs in the mail. Soon he discovers ominous evidence indicating that their new dream apartment may have a dark history. After happening upon a damaged video tape hidden in the wall, which might be a scene “snuffing” Mark Anton, Michael finds himself in a dungeon of the darkest taboo.

los angeles, present day

The third tale is in present-day Los Angeles. Classically handsome porn star Matt Stevens awakes violently from a nightmare, and in a fit of automatic writing, furiously types what he hopes will be his directorial debut, “The Mark Anton Story”. After pitching the “porno-thriller in three acts”, he’s given the green light with one caveat - he must star as Anton. Freshly in love with his co-star Jason, who bears a clone-like resemblance to tale number two’s William, Matt starts his dream production. A featured player mysteriously disappears and Matt is plagued by increasingly horrific visions. Is it the haunting story that is obsessing him, one far darker than he ever could have imagined? Reality and fantasy blur as Matt begins to relive Mark Anton’s final days. Despite the grave objections of his beloved Jason, Matt insists on finishing the film, but Jason may know more than he's letting on. Then, during a routine sex scene, Matt is traumatized by an ominous sight either real or imagined. His terrified reaction shuts the production down. In his efforts to discover the source of the nightmare that started with Mark Anton’s disappearance, Matt finds himself in the presence of the evil itself.

A surreal and supernatural elements weave together these three haunting stories, a world of dark desire and unimaginable horror begs the viewer a single question… what is real?