Pornography: A Thriller

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LA WEEKLY "This crazily ambitious debut thriller... intelligent and well-acted... marks Kittredge as filmmaker with a strong mind and a gift for drawing full-bodied performances from his actors. That's especially true of (Matthew) Montgomery..."

Pornography: A Thriller WASHINGTON BLADE "GRADE: A. The movie keeps the viewer guessing as to what is real and what is in the mind. If you're looking for a gay David Lynch-styled film, this is it."

PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER "a deeply affecting and disturbing thriller that has earned Kittredge comparisons to David Lynch and David Cronenberg."

THE L MAGAZINE "The CITIZEN KANE of gay porn ghost stories."

NEW YORK Q NEWS "Kudos go to Kittredge for a superb cinematic masterpiece, both entertaining and satisfying, which whets our appetite for more of his work. So if you like mysteries, this definitely a movie that you should see, and then see again, to make sure you didn't miss something the first time."

THE ADVOCATE "Ten Films You Must See At Outfest" "... whether you end up loving or hating Pornography, you won't forget its eerie imagery and out-on-a-ledge risk-taking."

OUT “A high-paced thriller... a gripping, nightmarish tale...”

FILM THREAT "★★★1/2...Lovecraft himself held that our fear is strongest when we fear the unknown. "Pornography" approaches this conceit without the timidity of lesser efforts....I recommend all fans of the bizarre have a look."

PORTLAND MERCURY "With a title this provocative, one can't help but pay attention-- and you'll want to pay attention to this schizophrenic thrill ride..."

DAVID ATLANTA "All good porn is fairly engrossing, but when you add drugs, murder and mystery to the mix it becomes must-see cinema."


Pornography: A Thriller LAVENDER LOUNGE BLOG "'Pornography' is an excellent popcorn thriller with plenty of male eye candy and high tech film technique....when I came home to a dark house last night, I got a little creeped out until I found the light switch."

SAN FRANCISCO EXAMINER "...this millennium's answer to 'Twin Peaks'..."

NEW YORK PRESS "This the sort of film you need to see in a dark cinema with lots of strangers around you—just be careful not to sit too close to one."

MY CULTURAL LANDSCAPE BLOG "If you like bad acid trips, games of three-diminesional mindgames, and a juicy script that leaves no clone unturned, you'll have a grand time trying to follow the plot line(s) of Pornography: A Thriller."

NEW YORK COOL "By far the most audacious film at Newfest, Pornography A Thriller, challenges and mindf**ks its audience the way the best David Lynch films do... Kittredge is a clever filmmaker and he keeps the mystery of his crazy/crackers/cuckoo narrative alive."

SGL CAFE "David Kittredge is a film-maker who will be in my cross-hairs from this day forward... intense and mind-bending... a viewing experience that you will almost certainly never forget.."

MISS CHICK FLICK "...[the] screenplay weaves together a credible mystery and a genuine provocation… it’s about the discomfort zone where kinky fantasy runs up against unpleasant reality."

HOTTER IN HOLLYWOOD "...writer-director David Kittredge's atmospheric thriller proved to be more than just a sexy flick with an attention-grabbing name on the marquee."

TRUST MOVIES "...the film manages to transcend its own genre in many ways... The beauty part is Mr. Kittredge has given us, if not all we might want, considerably more than we usually get."

WEHO NEWS " crazy roller coaster ride of amped-up intensity."

EDGE NEW YORK "Surprisingly cerebral and twisted... shot and written in an interesting way that challenges filmmaking... It will freak you out and make you think..."

QUEENSLAND PRICE "Contraversial and revolutionary..."

CHICAGOIST "The film's messages... stick with you long after its conclusion... If you enjoy offbeat cinema featuring sexy men and mystery-laden, non-linear narrative, this is a film for you."

DEEP DISH "...a mindf**k kind of movie. It's also a unique, creative and ambitious film which kept me glued to my seat. There are some genuinely scary moments, and the final scene is a real eye-opener."